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Our history

SINCE 1972

“More than 50 years hide the history
of a restaurant born from a dream”

Few local businesses can boast a history like Ca's Pagès Restaurant.

Ca’s Pagès is a family business built on love, effort and hard work.

Antonio Marí and his wife Maria Ferrer (founders), in love with restaurants with grilled fire, think about opening their restaurant in Ibiza.

After many years of work at the head of the s’Argentera quarry, Toni decided to take on new challenges.

The origins of Ca’s Pagès

The restaurant was not the family’s first business. Around 1972 Toni, together with his tireless wife María, opened a bakery that became popular for the quality of its bread baked in a wood-fired oven. At that time, the family kneaded hundreds of kilos of flour to make the famous Pagés bread. Bread that they distributed themselves.

It all started when a friend of Toni’s asked him to make bread for his business. From then on, the orders grew, delivering bread to different places and businesses on the island, to the point of exceeding the amount of bread they were capable of kneading.

The name of the restaurant

The family opened the restaurant, combining work with the bakery, for about a year. Toni decides to call his restaurant Ca’s Pagès in honour of what he used to hear day after day when he delivered the bread around the island: “ja ve es Pagés” (the “pagés” is coming).

These are just the origins, because the story has grown every year with thousands of local diners, tourists and celebrities who have wanted to try the best typical dishes of Ibiza.

Footballers, celebrities and people just like you have passed through the restaurant. After all, we all like to eat like at home.

Global recognition

The popular cuisine of this family restaurant has been recognised by dozens of media around the world. TV programmes such as “Aquí es la Tierra” have been able to taste its rice dishes and exquisite baked lamb.

Ca’s Pagès has also been on the cover of international magazines and media, from as far away as Japan and Australia. In addition, local media such as Ibiza Style, Ibiza 5 sentidos, Ibiza Spotlight and Periódico de Ibiza have also dedicated beautiful reports to it.

But undoubtedly the best recognition they can have is the affection that the family receives on a daily basis in every corner of the island.

Antonio Marí Marí,
from Ca’s Pagès

Also known as ‘Toni de Cas Pagès’, he was born on May 10, 1932 in Can Toni Pujolet in the ‘Vénda d’Atzaró’ of Sant Carles de Peralta. He died on September 2, 2023 at the age of 91, leaving us this great treasure called Ca’s Pagès.

Toni maintained a constant activity of collaboration in the realization of social and cultural activities, both from Sant Carles and Santa Eulària des Riu, and Es Canar for much of his life. Preparing popular meals and serving in a altruistic way the special Christmas and end of the year to the users of Caritas and was one of the promoters of the paellas contest of the festivities of Sant Cristòfol of Es Canar.

CA’S PAGÈS / since 1973

Come and enjoy it,
you are at home

Summer timetable: 13:00 to 16:00 & 19:30 to 0:00
Winter timetable: 13:00 to 15:30 & 19:30 to 23:30
– We return on March 21 –
We don’t make RESERVATIONS
CASH payments only