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Discover the surroundings of Ca’s Pagès
and get into the soul of the island

Where to eat near Aigües Blanques, Cala Llenya, Las Dalias or Puig de Missa?

Cas Pagés, your steak restaurant in Ibiza with typical dishes and traditional cuisine, in Santa Eulalia del Río.

Ibiza, known as the white island, is a world-renowned tourist destination that attracts visitors from all over the world. On the east side of the island is Santa Eulalia del Rio, a charming coastal town with a relaxed atmosphere and stunning natural beauty.

If you’re planning to visit this area of Ibiza, you’ll be pleased to know that there are many interesting and picturesque places to explore in the surrounding area. If you’re hungry, the best place to stop for a bite to eat is Ca’s Pagès.

What to see in Santa Eulalia del Río

At Ca’s Pagès we have prepared a short list of places to visit near the Ibizan town of Santa Eulalia del Río, before or after coming to have lunch or dinner in our restaurant.

In this list you will find dream beaches, traditional villages, markets, natural landscapes and much more….. It is a list of places prepared with the same love that we put into our dishes and service, and that you should not miss during your stay on the island.

All this, to whet your appetite, while you wait to enjoy the best traditional food at Cas Pagés.

Aigües Blanques

If you are looking for a wilder and more natural beach, head for Aigües Blanques. Located north of Santa Eulalia, this beach is characterised by its impressive cliffs and golden sand. Its crystal clear waters invite you to swim and snorkel, and if you venture out to explore the surrounding area, you’ll discover fascinating little coves and caves.

San Carlos

San Carlos is a charming village located in the vicinity of Santa Eulalia. Known for its bohemian atmosphere and hippie market, this place offers a unique experience. Stroll through its picturesque streets, visit the famous Las Dalias flea market (held on Saturdays), where you can find handicrafts, fashion and vintage objects, and enjoy the authentic Ibizan atmosphere.

Las Dalias

You can’t leave Ibiza without visiting this famous hippie market, known for its bohemian and relaxed atmosphere, with a range of handmade products, clothes, accessories, art, natural products, jewellery ….. Las Dalias also organises evening events during the summer season, where you can enjoy live music, food, drink and shopping in a unique night-time atmosphere.

Cala Llenya

Just a few minutes’ drive north of Santa Eulalia is Cala Llenya, a white sandy beach with turquoise waters. This coastal paradise is perfect for relaxing, enjoying the sun and taking a refreshing dip in the sea. You can have a drink at the beach bar, but for lunch come to Cas Pagés.

Ibiza countryside and gastronomy

Another interesting aspect near Santa Eulalia is the beautiful Ibicencan countryside. If you visit Ibiza in late winter, the almond blossom is a spectacle to behold. Explore the rural landscapes, farmland and winding roads that will lead you to discover hidden gems. This area is famous for its local gastronomy and wine cellars where you can taste delicious local wines. Wines that we have on our wine list and that you will be able to taste if you visit us.

Puig de Missa

In the heart of Santa Eulalia del Río is the emblematic Puig de Missa, an ancient fortified hill with a white church on top. Climb up to enjoy panoramic views of the town and the sea. You can visit the Ethnographic Museum of Ibiza, which is located at the base of the hill and offers an interesting insight into the history and culture of the island.