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Ca’s Pagès is open practically all year round, except on Tuesdays for rest and in February for holidays. In winter, the cosy indoor dining room keeps the warmth of the embers that makes you feel at home. In summer, the cool natural terrace is the ideal place to eat sheltered from the sun.

Antonio Marí opened Ca’s Pagès in 1973, a place that thanks to his recognised and award-winning work has become an emblem, icon and point of reference for traditional Ibizan cuisine. Today, the restaurant is run by his two daughters, Lucía and Carmen, who have grown up alongside the kitchen. They are the guarantee that Ca’s Pagès maintains the identity that has made it a unique restaurant in the world.

At Ca’s Pagès every person who walks through the door is special, because we don’t make distinctions, you are the star. Here you can eat in peace, but we don’t rule out the possibility of a celebrity, footballer or actress sitting next to you (if you take a selfie with them and post it on social networks, don’t forget to “tag us”).

As a finishing touch, complete your menu with a delicious traditional dessert (flaó, graixonera…) made daily by hand to complete your 100% Ibizan experience.

Opting for one of our grilled meats is also a great option at Ca’s Pagès, such as the delicious wood-fired lamb, which you can accompany with a good wine from the Land of Ibiza.

Come and taste our historic “arròs de matances”, which we are proud to have been the first to add to the menu, or our spectacular “sofrit pagés”, as a sample of authentic traditional Ibicencan food.